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Truly spectacular street performance.

I am one of those passers-by who marches past you a few times, usually in a hurry. Your music is always so emotional that I slow my footfalls. The little snippets accumulated. A few days ago, I happened upon you playing something particularly upbeat at the Midlevels Escalators. I stopped for a few moments to listen to the finale of the piece. Purchasing a CD to take your performance with me is one of my best buys ever.

Mr Myroslav, you do not belong on the streets. Your talents are wasted there. You should be in an auditorium filled with European folk music lovers cheering you on for encores every evening.

Date: 04.04.2018
Auteur: Minimalist Lover
Hong Kong

Hi Stranger.

Your music is fabulous. It's Tilling up the love and sweetness between me and my boyfriend.

It's our first trip to Cheung Chau Island together. We first met there as two strangers from the different cultures.

But we are in love now because of your music and life.

Thank you.

As I'm still a student. I don't have much money. I want to share this photo to with you. A view from our campus. The trees are the strong of life.

Have a great day!

Date: 25.03.2018
Auteur: Jojs
Hong Kong
Date: 17.11.2017
Auteur: Іван
Львів, Україна

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